Research-based management consulting / We create and implement new knowledge

We are collaborators

Great achievements are based on research, and creating and adapting new knowledge. This is also the goal and mission of PBI. Our task is to provide new knowledge and use it to benefit industrial investments and project business.

We are at the pinnacle of international research and development. By adapting the latest research knowledge in different industries, we offer strategic consulting as the primary tool for our clients' success. We use proven methods in data diagnostics in order to detect trends, models, and phenomena. We also analyze business relationships in order to increase our clients' turnover and productivity.

We leave a trace

Our view is that our clients attain the most benefit by having a long-term partnership with us. Through collaboration we achieve high quality, specific solutions. As our client you receive the full benefits of our most recent research findings, our projected views on how business and industry logics are changing, and our data diagnostics experience. This way we leave a trace in practice.